Relativity, Thelema, and Social Justice

Taking Oneself Seriously
in an Age of Cognitive Decline

April 16, 2018 e.v.

There are certain intellectual trends in both wider American culture and what I call the "Facebook O.T.O.” that I find particularly disturbing. Lack of rational thought seems to be gaining wider exposure and credibility in both venues as the phenomena of "dumbing down" worsens in each.

I would like to address misinterpretations of the First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (for the wider group), and the implicit denial of Liber Oz and the Class A Publications (Holy Books of Thelema) for the smaller.

1) “Free Speech” means "free speech." And “shall not be infringed” means "shall not be infringed." Neither concept is rocket science. Political speech (offensive speech) is the idea behind the First Amendment. Military weapons in the hands of civilians is the intent behind the Second.

2) The rights enumerated in Liber Oz are absolute. In contrast, I created something I called Liber Zo. It was designed to be the “averse” of Liber Oz. Liber Zo is a qliphotic collection of “conditional” rights—that  is "privileges"—little gifts from the ruling class to we, the great unwashed. Thanks … but no thanks. (Each image is linked to more readable versions.)

3) Class A means, “shall not in one letter change this book.” In other words, if you do not consider Liber LXV in the same category as Liber AL, you are not a Thelemite. Not that you are a bad person. You may be a very nice person. You just don’t belong in an ideological and doctrinal spiritual Order. Unitarianism may be a better fit. No blame.